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Rules of Machine Learning: Best Practices for ML Engineering (2019) (developers.google.com)
by shawn to ml 466 days ago | discuss
Training with Quantization Noise for Extreme Model Compression (arxiv.org)
by shawn to papers arxiv 836 days ago | discuss
Train a GPT-2 1.5B Model on GPU For Free via Colab (research.google.com)
2 points by shawn to notebooks gpt-2 836 days ago | discuss
Face Image Motion Model (Notebook) (research.google.com)
by shawn to ai notebooks 836 days ago | discuss
Longformer: The Long-Document Transformer (arxiv.org)
by shawn to ai papers arxiv 836 days ago | discuss
Google AI Blog: Revisiting the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data (googleblog.com)
by shawn to ai blog google datasets 836 days ago | discuss
Aydao's experiments (docs.google.com)
by shawn to news aydao stylegan 855 days ago | discuss
Tensorfork TPUs (fork.shawwn.com)
by shawn to news 855 days ago | discuss

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